Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Orleans Paintings/Drawings

Green Cafe 2005

Pirates Alley 1999

Cafe Du Monde 2005

Flowered Balcony 2005

Blue School 2006

Purple Fountain 2004

St. Louis Cemetry 2006

Voodoo Garden 2006

Store on Royal Street 2006

Fountain In French Quarter 2006

Houses in French Quarter 2006

St. Louis Cathedral 2005

Garden in Garden District 2006

Autumn in the Garden District 2005

Spring in the Garden District 2004


Tessie said...

Your art is wonderful, I love your use of colors ~beautiful! I especially love the New Orleans works.We have vacationed there twice......I hope after the hurricane it didn't loose any of its feel...........Tessie from

Nancy Ann said...

Tessie, thank you for taking the time to look at my art work and make a comment too. I know what you mean about NO; these paintings were done from photos I took while on vacation there in 1999. Most of these are in the French Quarter and the Garden District which remained largely undamaged. What a tragedy it was; that hurricane!

Len said...

You have some beautiful work here Nancy!! Your sense and use of color is excellent!


Joan said...

Nancy, Did you always have your blog listed on WetCanvas? These of New Orleans are wonderful. I was there a year before the hurricane and loved the beauty and the life of it. These are super!

McAnger said...

some of these are really good... some of them are fukn amazing...
it made me happy to see them...
thank you for sharing with the rest of us...